The engine of the economy

Glass Times editor says promises must not be broken following the general election.

SMEs contribute more than half of this country’s GDP, as highlighted by Newview’s Michele Wietscher.

Therefore, political uncertainty is the last thing this country needs if we want to maintain any level of market stability and consumer confidence – especially in our industry, where rising inflation and the rising price of raw materials can have dramatic effects on the size of one’s order book.

It has not been unreasonable for people to suggest that once a credible government has been formed that SMEs are given the fuel they need to drive the economy. Especially since they also play a fundamental role in building and maintaining our infrastructure.

The Federation of Master Builders quite rightly highlights the critical issue of the housing crisis in this country, arguing that the Conservatives’ promise to build 1.5 million homes by 2022 should not be broken.

“Vital to this will be ensuring that the recommendations within the 2017 Housing White Paper, that aim to diversify the supply of new homes and revitalise the SME house building sector, are delivered in full,” chief executive Brian Berry said.