Dog team rounds up Vegas visitors

The Veka UK Group was barking up the right tree when it sponsored production planner Yvonne Gray’s flyball team ‘WOW Wonderdogs’.

The team has gone from strength to strength over recent years with the company’s backing, and recently held a successful seminar with global guest stars.

Flyball is a fast-paced sport that sees dogs race over a number of hurdles, to reach a spring-loaded box that releases a tennis ball that must be brought back to the start.

Teams of four dogs race against each other in a relay format and the first team to have all dogs cross the finish line, without error, wins the heat.

Yvonne’s son Dan and his wife established the team in 2009, and were proud to recently host a well-attended seminar for followers of the sport.

“The Veka UK Group has been kind enough to sponsor us for a number of years and this allows us to buy new equipment and develop systems to support the club and the training of its dogs,” Dan said. “It enables us to keep on top of the best and most current training methods.

“We recently organised a seminar where we invited the flyball world record holders over from Las Vegas – Touch N Go Flyball Team. These are the best in the business, and offered some great training tips that lots of teams are sure to benefit from.

“The weekend after the seminar we also broke the UK and European record, making us the number one fastest team ever in the history of European racing. It was actually our own record, but we have now taken even more time off it since December, getting it down to 15.49 seconds and then smashing that record once again at 15.16 seconds.

“This was something that made us all very proud, but was all the more special as it was an achievement I had promised my stepfather Shane we would achieve, before he sadly passed away last July. Shane was a key part of the team as well as being The Veka UK Group’s supply chain director, and I know he would be pleased to see the company continuing to support our efforts.”


Dan Culley (second from right) with dog Tactic, and team mates (from left): Ross with Nimbus, Ashley with Oz, Gaz, Sarah, and Kate with Luna.