Automatic door training

CDW Systems has partnered with automatic door company Prosale to offer installers training for automated doors.

CDW manufactures and supplies aluminium doors, to which Prosale applies automated gearing. The training takes place at Prosale’s facilities in Gloucester, and is designed to give installers a complete overview of specifying and installing sliding, swinging and revolving automatic doors.

Mike Davis, managing director of CDW Systems, said: “While automatic doors may be a popular feature in a wide variety of commercial projects, they can still be complex. If specified or installed incorrectly, they could quite easily cause projects to be delayed or lead to costly call-backs to site.

“This training brings together the leader in automatic door technology and one of the industry’s most respected aluminium fabricators to give installers complete product and installation training on a wide range of door systems. This not only ensures projects are completed correctly, but reputations are safeguarded, and relationships are protected.”

Mike Coggins, director at Prosale Automatic Doors, said: “The training rigs supplied by CDW are not only used for our training, but also by the ADIA (Automatic Door Installation Association). The ADIA frequently use our rigs and training facilities for its courses and the response has been incredibly positive, which is great to see. It’s all part of our commitment to give installers across the UK the support and confidence to install both of our companies’ products in all kinds of residential and commercial projects.”

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