Vertically integrated

While vertical sliders are a specialist product, Martin Nettleton, managing director at Barnsley-based Euroglaze, argues that for many installers, there’s actually no need to buy them from a specialist fabricator.

He says that the one stop shop approach offered by trade fabricators like Euroglaze suits the requirements of some installers much better.

“Too many installers steer away from buying vertical sliders because they don’t want the hassle and the overhead of having to select and deal with a different fabricator when they might only get one or two heritage type enquiries in a year,” he said.

“In effect though, that means they’re needlessly missing out on new business and the chance to differentiate themselves from their competitors, when they could easily be single sourcing all the products they need from just one supplier.”

Euroglaze manufactures Rehau Heritage vertical sliders, fully reversible windows, sliding patios, and fire rated windows and doors alongside standard casements.

“The highly efficient lean manufacturing processes at our Barnsley factory and the attention to detail and craftsmanship of our team mean we make top quality Rehau vertical sliders at a very competitive price,” Martin said.

“Obviously, we’re not aiming to supply those installers who buy thousands of vertical sliders a year, but we are offering an alternative for those who buy heritage windows in among a mix of other products and want the simplicity of being able to source everything from one supplier that they know and trust.”

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