Tower transformation

Hazlemere recently completed the £2.5 million renovation of Merton Civic Centre.

Working as the project’s principal contractor, Hazlemere Commercial replaced and recycled more than 2,000 of the original steel-framed single-glazed windows that were deemed unfit for purpose by an independent glass and glazing consultant.

In their place, the company installed thermally efficient Sapa Dualframe top swing reversible windows across the entirety of the Civic Centre’s 14-storey tower building, as well as its other two-storey wings. Made with 100% recycled aluminium billet, the products not only boast outstanding thermal performance, but their reversible functionality allows them to be safely and easily cleaned.

Hazlemere Commercial cleaned the building’s exterior brickwork and mosaic tile facade in the process, upgrading the lightning conductors and external decorating. It also replaced 14,000m2 of suspended ceiling tiles and redecorated two fire exit stairwells.

“This wasn’t just a very major project for us, but one of the most rewarding jobs we’ve done in recent years,” Hazlemere’s sales director Tony Beale said. “When we were first called in, the building was in a bad way.

“It had massive potential, but at the time it had been completely encased in over 400 tonnes of scaffolding after all 2,000 of its existing 50-year-old windows had been ruled unfit for purpose. Now, it’s been transformed – the scaffolding has come down, and Merton Borough Council have windows fit for the 21st century.”