Timber board fits the bill

Eurocell has launched a new 16mm flat roofline board, which is identical to a standard timber fascia but carries a guarantee of up to 20 years and, the company claims, is easier to fit.

The board is fixed directly to the rafter feet with polytop nails or screws. Once in place, the board will bear the weight of eaves tiles and guttering without any need for a backing board or tilt fillet to reinforce it.

This board also simplifies fitting the soffit board – just push the appropriate Eurocell soffit and it will slot into place.

The 16mm board has the same guarantees against discolouration, warping and cracking: 20 years for white, and 10 years for laminated boards, provided the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.

The boards are available in a range of colours Including white, rosewood, black ash or anthracite grey wood grain and comes in various widths.