Sweet thinking

Brisant Secure has launched Sweet, a suited range of door furniture that shares the same registered curved design ethos and longevity with Lock Lock, its security door handle.

Bringing Brisant’s curved design concept into the handle, knocker, letterplate, escutcheons and numerals gives the door a coordinated appearance with curve appeal, the company said.

Every Sweet element is manufactured to the same specification as Lock Lock, which boasts 8,000+ hours in a salt spray chamber, 34 times longer than the 240-hour accreditation requirement, and eight times that claimed by stainless steel systems.

Based on independent tested performance, the Sweet 10-year anti-corrosion warranty is a guaranteed expectation of life-span, not a period of time that the installer is expected to supply replacements for.

To reinforce this confidence, Brisant said it is relieving the installer from pitting furniture issues by giving a direct-to-consumer warranty, with an on-line activation system.

Nick Dutton CEO of Brisant Secure, said: “We have seen little innovation in the door furniture sector for many years, with ever-inflating prices for me-too products. So we’ve developed Sweet, a fully integrated door furniture system, that’s all wrapped up in a beautiful design and so it not only looks sensational, but offers unrivalled longevity, something we’re backing up by taking full ownership of the warranty.

“At the same time we’re bringing in Lock Lock to the Sweet family as not only the ultimate high security upgrade, but as a suited high security upgrade.”