Support and expertise

Kommerling UK is providing Tuffx with a range of hotmelts and specialist resins that are being incorporated into several of the company’s products, including glass for balustrades, canopies and stair treads.

Paul Higgins, purchasing manager at Tuffx, said: “Opportunities for laminated products, in which the glass has one or more inherent properties (eg, photovoltaic capabilities or UV protection), are only going to increase as we see glass used in ever more creative ways, in both the commercial and high end residential markets.

“It became clear that Kommerling could offer us far more than just a high-performance product. From our first meeting, the support from both the team here in the UK, backed up by extensive technical and development expertise in Germany, has been first class.

“We very much view this as a collaboration where our knowledge of glass manufacturing combined with Kommerling’s unrivalled expertise in the development and production of resins will lead to some exciting new products in the not too distant future.”

Kommerling supplies both its Koedigaurd UV-HS R liquid composite for Tuffx’s structural applications, and Isomelt M, a hotmelt, for its IG glass range.

Chris Davis, composites manager for Kommerling UK, said: “We are delighted to be working with Tuffx, and that they have recognised the true value of our technical and product support. We look forward to fruitful joint technical collaboration on various projects in the coming months that will deliver new products that we believe will extend how and where glass is used and which will excite the architectural community.”