SuperSecure achieves highest ever security rating

Mila’s SuperSecure TS007 two star door handle is now said to be the highest rated security handle in the UK, scoring an ‘unprecedented’ Silver grading from Sold Secure.

According to Mila, the stainless steel SuperSecure is the ‘first and only’ handle to have been awarded the Silver grading alongside its PAS24 and SBD accreditation, and gives Mila customers ‘absolute reassurance’ that they are fitting and promoting the most secure option available – in combination with either a 1-star or a 3-star cylinder.

SuperSecure is said to be produced using the same investment casting process used to produce aerospace components. It has been independently tested to BSEN1906 Grade 4 for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. The design features developed by Mila’s in-house team include chamfered backplate shoulders which provide anti-grip protection for better mole grip resistance and an integrated cylinder guard visibly raised within the backplate which protects against snapping. There is also a slotted, rotating disc which shields the cylinder completely.

Richard Gyde, Mila’s MD, said: “If you’re fitting either a 1-star or a 3-star cylinder, the addition of a security handle eliminates any risk of cylinder manipulation. And, if you are adding a handle, why wouldn’t you opt for a proven solution from Mila which has just received such a ringing independent endorsement in our latest round of testing?”

As well as its security credentials, the SuperSecure handle is crafted in Mila’s Supa stainless steel for enhanced durability. It has been independently performance tested for corrosion resistance to BSEN1670 Grade 5 and has completed more than 1,000 hours in a salt spray test. As a result, the handle comes with a 25-year guarantee on the surface finish as well as on mechanical operation.

It is available now in a choice of polished or brushed stainless and polished or brushed PVD gold finishes.

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