Super-size manufacturing trend

Capacity to manufacture on an increasingly large scale is one of the defining trends at this year’s Glasstec, according to machinery specialist Promac Group.

Promac Group managing director Joe Hague said: “The requirement to manufacture large scale products – units around the 4m2 mark, so 2,000mm x 2,000mm and up – has increased significantly in the last year. Mirroring growth in aluminium, this includes from the home improvement market, with larger IGUs going into lift-and-slide and glass-wall type installations and continuing demand from the commercial and specification sectors.

This makes capacity to manufacture at scale and automation of process key, not simply in terms of handling but quality and efficiency, and there are some very exciting products being showcased at this year’s Glasstec which allow you to do it.”

Chief among them is Forel, which unveiled its No Limits range at Vitrum last year. This includes an IGU line with the capability to process panes of up to 15m long and 3.3m high with a load capacity per linear metre of 350kg for a single pane and 600kg for the assembled unit.

The line on show at this year’s Glasstec, with a capacity to manufacture units 3,300mm x 9,000mm, sits close to the mid-point of this heavy-weight offering. It features a washing machine, quality scanner, frame application and inspection station, turning conveyor, gas filling coupling press and sealing robot, complete with pumping system – each geared to handle large units.