Solid roof sales training

Ultraframe has announced new dates for its popular solid roof sales training course, which helps installation companies to sell its Ultraroof system.

The objective of this course is to equip salespeople with the knowledge they need about the product and the tools to assist them with the sale.

Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “During the course you’ll learn about the key unique selling points of Ultraroof and learn how to really bring these USPs to life so that they translate into tangible benefits for the homeowner.

“A key learning will be what makes the Ultraroof tiled roofing system stand out from its competitors and why the homeowner should choose it – and you – for their home improvement project.

“We also guide attendees around our free sales app, a fantastic tool that can be used whether you’re selling in the home or the showroom to quickly access a wealth of professionally crafted sales aids such as sales presenters, real-life case studies and more, to bring the sales process to life and help you close the sale.”

Ultraframe will also share the results of its recent consumer research with attendees, which has resulted in Ultraroof being declared the consumer-preferred tiled roof by eight out of 10 consumers.

The solid roof training courses are taking place in Bristol, Clitheroe, Kent, Newcastle and Nottingham. All course attendees receive a free stock of Ultraroof retail brochures along with a pair of Virtual Reality goggles.

For further details and too book onto a course near you, visit: