Software update

BM Aluminium has released the latest update of its LogiKal software, which is ready for customers to download and install now from their update accounts.

There are lots of new features included in this latest 11.4 version, designed to save time on processing and make LogiKal more intuitive to use.

For example, it now allows users building complex positions to import grids from one position to another with just a few clicks, and it automatically adds machinings to thresholds.

Greater levels of customisation are also now achievable, with users able to add in as many free articles as they choose under their supplier option, and standardise more hardware configurations for use as pre-sets.

Horizontal ventilation sashes have been added and new functions to process lift and slide door combinations with 90° corners and 90°corner mullions with cover cap profiles in facades. There are also improvements for making glass designs and foil illustrations clearer for presentations to clients and to add in solid glass connections.

Reporting is clearer too in V11.4, with a visible triangle on the input window to show if changes have been made on quotations and identical curtain walling insertions now automatically grouped together on assembly lists.

BM Aluminium’s managing director Dean Hodges said: “Every update takes into account feedback from customers, so they are always useful. Even if you don’t think you’ll necessarily benefit from the new features though, it’s still best practice to always be working with the latest version of any piece of software, which has been scrutinised and updated to make sure there no hidden glitches.”