An app built around people

Business Pilot has rolled out its new app, which has been built to simplify running an installation business, regardless of the roles performed by its users.

Rolled out to all Business Pilot customers in July, the new app has been developed to recognise the fact that in many installation businesses people perform multiple roles.

With the flexibility to turn on and turn off functionality dependent on the work carried out by a particular individual in a business, the app can be adapted to real-life usage.

“There are a number of systems that have gone down the route of creating multiple apps for different functions, so they have a sales app, an installation app, a surveying app, and so on,” Elton Boocock, managing director of Business Pilot, said.

“That makes things more complex. You have to download multiple apps dependent on job function, and it also doesn’t recognise the fact that in a lot of installation businesses people perform more than one role, so for example the sales guy might also survey.

“We have built our app around people, not function. It allows you to give your team access to the tools in the app to do their job regardless of the functions they fulfil and to turn off the elements that they don’t need.”

Designed for installers by installers and a Fensa partner, Business Pilot is a cloud-native product, which means it has been designed to be accessed from anywhere anytime.