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Thermoseal Group has launched its new multifunctional responsive website, designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of internet browsing devices. now has a wide range of functions to help customers and users within the group’s supply chain.

The site offers a comprehensive catalogue of more than 2,500 insulated glass components and glass machinery, which can be quickly filtered to a specific product.

The new website also provides features and product and industry information for sealed unit manufacturers, including: a sealed unit material and labour cost calculator; a gas usage calculator; a technical section with product technical information and material safety Data; comprehensive information on warm edge technology, integrated blinds and glass machinery with FAQ and guidelines for those looking to make insulated glass (IG) sealed units; industry events and news information; as well as links to the group’s multilingual warm edge technology satellite sites. There is also a range of information and marketing literature suitable for use throughout the supply chain.

Thermoseal Group’s head of marketing and communications Samantha Hill said: “We have added a variety of features to our new site which is set for continual changes in line with the rapid developments in digital media and internet marketing. There will be two further additions to the site this quarter, which will be shortly followed by an e-commerce login area giving our customers the facility to order our products any time of day or night.

“We anticipate that this will be particularly useful to the increasing number of customers who operate on a different time-zones, but is also a feature requested by many of our current UK customers.”

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