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Manchester-based installer Droylsden Glass has added Kubu-equipped doors to its product range.

Kevin Thackeray, managing director at Droylsden Glass, said: “We are looking forward to launching the Kubu lock. We believe that technology is playing a big part in the home now, where people are able to control the heating and lighting, with the likes of Alexa.

“Fenestration has got a part to play now and we believe that Kubu is leading the way.”

Droylsden Glass is a customer of Kubulaunch partners Dekko Windows.

“I think Dekko has been very forward thinking, introducing the Kubu lock into its product range; offering installers the opportunity to go to the market with this new, exciting product,” Kevin said.

Once homeowners have got a Kubu equipped door, they can check via the Kubuapp or Home Hub if the door is locked or unlocked. Kubu has a Wi-Fi perimeter feature where leaving the home and disconnecting from the home Wi-Fi, and connecting to 4G, will send a notification if the door is unlocked. Homeowners can also share doors with family, schedule notifications and check back on their door lock history whenever they like.

“At Droylsden Glass, we can fit the Kubu lock to our PVCU residential doors and French doors,” Kevin said.“We chose Kubu over other smart locks because it’s really simple to use. It’s also very affordable which makes it much more appealing to homeowners.

“We believe Kubu is going to give us a big opportunity to differentiate us from other local installers.”