Photo realistic vision

Windowlink has made a new service available for its Vector program, providing homeowners with project visualisation: the 4Site Imaging Bureau.

Mark Dudley, managing director at Windowlink, said: “Vector is an incredibly popular tool because it shows exactly how a chosen conservatory, orangery or extension design will actually look on a home. It allows users to superimpose conservatory and extension plans onto real photographs, creating quality 3D images.

“Our 4Site Imaging Bureau service takes this one step further. Once the project has been designed in Vector, Windowlink’s 4Site software service enables us to extract the 3D data file and convert the image into a photo realistic, high-resolution fly-through three-dimensional video to give homeowners a clear vision of how it will look on completion.

“As well as glazed extensions, the 4Site Imaging Bureau allows the incorporation of garden rooms and other buildings, as well as furniture and landscapes. It can even transport your clients through different times of day or seasons for the ultimate virtual reality experience.”

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