Now available in the UK

Denver’s ‘Advance’ vertical glass processor is now available on the UK and Irish markets via distributor Peter Hawkins.

The Advance is specifically aimed at companies that want to produce glass doors and balustrades quickly, the company said. The entry level Advance machine will not only drill and route, but diamond edge grind up to 3,000mm x 1,500mm as standard.

The ‘Advance Shine’ offers the addition of polishing. For customers producing glasses smaller than 1,500mm x 1,400mm the Advance Flow allows pieces to be loaded in a production series irrespective of different size and shape.

Other advantages are: a dynamic sync between CAD and CAM package without the need to swap between programmes; double tool magazine (12 + 10) which is not only outside the wet area and avoiding contamination, but also at operator height to change tooling; intelligent automatic setting of vacuum cups with zero down-time; library of cut-outs with tooling already applied can be expanded by customers; competitively priced.