New window control collection

A new collection of Highline window controls from Window Ware offers solutions for operating windows and roof vents that are high up or hard to reach.

Highline’s mix-and-match modular components include roof vents, top, bottom or side-hung casements, louvres and horizontal pivot windows and domes.

Whether it’s traditional manual winding gear, electric actuators or an automated, sensor-activated window control system that maintains an optimum temperature and even shuts the windows when it rains, Window Ware stocks a cost-effective set-up to suit, the company said.

Rich Fraser, Window Ware’s business development manager for the aluminium and commercial sector, said: “Even though this range of window control products is new to Window Ware, I’ve actually been selling and supporting these systems for over 20 years.

“What’s more, those two decades of supplying window control solutions have given me ample time to build a really strong partnership with the Highline team, so our customers will be able to tap into an even larger pool of knowledge and a highly resourced extended support network.”