New online experience

Solidor is continuing to build its consumer brand with a new website.

The homepage has been transformed from a flat scrolling page to one that uses parallax scrolling, a new technology that takes a 2D image and adds an element of depth, thereby helping to create a new virtual experience.

There is also an area where a typical Solidor door is exploded, offering several hotspots which highlight key product features.

A direct link to the door designer allows consumers to build their perfect Solidor and then identify their local Solidor partner.

Gareth Busson, head of sales and marketing for Solidor, said: “The new developments on the Solidor website are part of our ongoing investment in digital technologies and software, including Solidor Cloud 2.0. Building a consumer-facing brand builds loyalty, pull-through demand and ultimately sales for us, all with digital marketing technologies very much to the fore.

“It’s also a strategy that will serve us well into the future as we look to build further equity in the Solidor brand.”