Leads Capture soaring

Flair Windows agreed to a pilot installation of Infinity’s new Capture software at the end of 2018, and liked the system so much that it has made it a permanent fixture on its website.

Capture is a website plug-in that gives retail window companies a smart and user-friendly way of capturing leads from visitors to their site. It incorporates a design-your-own window or door function.

Ryan Lugg, director of Flair Windows said: “Capture is the perfect name for this product because it really is allowing us to capture more high quality leads from the website for both our retail and trade outlets.

“It gives us a clear indication of the customer’s requirements before we even make contact with them, and some of those customers are telling us that it’s also prompting them to explore a wider variety of options and look at products they might not previously have considered.

“When we first started to analyse what we wanted from a lead generator, two things were clear. Firstly, it had to be simple enough for any member of the general public to use, and secondly it had to able to answer enough questions for it to be worthwhile us using. Capture by Infinity has achieved both of those things with detailed but straightforward quotations now coming through online.”

Infinity launched in January 2019 determined to deliver ‘endless possibilities’ for both installers and fabricators.

Alongside the Capture lead generation tool, it has also released details of Showroom, a personalised lead generation app that lets Infinity customers create their own virtual showroom packed with their own marketing content. They can add brochures, videos, installation photos and galleries and use it as an extension of their website or as a useful additional sales channel.