Just the ticket

Laser precision proved to be just the ticket in the redevelopment of Telford’s bus station where the latest Geze technology has combined efficiency with passenger safety.

The travel hub – part of the Telford Shopping Centre – has undergone a £1.9 million refurbishment and transformed an out-of-date terminus to a light and airy atrium geared to improve passenger experience.

The new Telford Bus Station separates the transport and customer areas with a bank of automatic doors powered by the Geze Slimdrive SL NT operators. Each set of doors is fitted with a Geze laser scanner LZR sensor, a new product devised for use in environments that have specific and demanding requirements.

The movement sensors provide a three-dimensional protection of the monitored area which initiate door openings at the optimum time. This contributes to passenger safety as the automatic doors stay closed, activated only when the bus is parked and in position.

This protects passengers from wandering into the area when bus manoeuvres are taking place.

As LZR scanners are fitted to the doors they are easier to install and are more aesthetically pleasing than sensor loops which need to be embedded into the ground and sealed with bitumen in order to install. Sensor loops also deteriorate over time and can be expensive and awkward to replace.

With a height of 7cm, Slimdrive SL NT operators are almost invisible, virtually silent in operation and can move leaf weights of up to 125kg. They are ideal for buildings with high levels of footfall and a continuous flow of people heading in and out of the building.