High number of enquiries

ODL Europe said it was great to showcase a wide range of products and demonstrate the value they can add.

“We received a very high number of enquiries and we’re looking forward to talking to people in more detail over the coming weeks,” Nathan Barr, ODL Europe’s managing director, said.

On display was the new Capstone composite door range, including the new Capstone Six Panel Combi Door slab, allowing fabricators to manufacture seven different door designs from a single door slab.

Making its debut was the new Zeel door frame system, which offers a modern, sleek and minimalist look.

“Our inhouse door prep service offers a flexible solution for our customers,” Nathan said. “From partial to full door prep, we cover all options. This proved to be of extreme interest to many existing and potential customers as it’s a service that supports our fabricating customers.”

Also on display was the upgraded Blink Integral Blinds. Developments include improvements to the raise, lower and tilt operation along with improved double valances that hide unwanted joints. The aluminium guiderail is now on the internal side of the operating channel, a move that makes inserting the wedge gasket and beading easier.