Fire safety glass campaign

Pyroguard, has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the multi-functional benefits its toughened fire safety glass offers.

Through the informed specification of additional counterpanes, architects, specifiers and contractors can create bespoke glazing systems without compromising on fire safety, the company said.

For architectural and construction projects that require more than just fire protection, Pyroguard’s toughened range of fire safety glass offers flexibility and a tailored option.

With the support of Pyroguard’s technical sales managers, customers can create a multi-functional fire safety glazing system. Toughened products can be combined with additional counterpanes that offer different benefits including acoustic performance, solar control, decorative or attack resistance, and be used for various applications such as facades, atria, doors, screens, partitions and spandrel panels.

Depending on the fire rating and classification level that is required, any specialist counterpane can be used in conjunction with Pyroguard Firesafe (E and EW) or Pyroguard Protect (EI). For manual attack protection, Attackguard can be used as an IGU counterpane and, for smoke control, Smokeguard is available.

Andy Lake, UK projects director at Pyroguard, said: “While safety is, and remains, at the core of the Pyroguard business, we rarely see a project where fire protection is the only requirement within a glazing system. We believe that making buildings safe should not have to compromise on aesthetically pleasing design or other practical benefits, such as noise control for example, and that’s why we want to make sure that our customers are aware of the multi-functional benefits that our toughened fire safety glass offers.

“To support the campaign, we have developed a series of videos that are available to view via our website, as well as a new flyer which outlines the unique benefits of our multi-functional product. We would encourage people to take a look at these to develop an understanding of what can be achieved and to get in touch should they have any enquiries.”