Easy work of easy clean glass

AGC Glass Europe has introduced Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue, two low maintenance glazing options.

Aimed specifically at the orangery, conservatory roof, skylight and domestic window markets, these two new products use the natural elements of daylight and rain to provide ease of cleaning, and help glass maintain its clarity and look good for longer, of particular importance in areas where access to clean the glazing is difficult or restricted.

The special pyrolytic coating applied on the glass is activated in a two-step process by using UV light (five to seven days) to destroy organic dirt deposits, followed by rain which spreads evenly over the glass surface to wash the dirt away.

Planibel Easy Clear provides a neutral appearance that lets in maximum daylight and is virtually indistinguishable from standard window glass. With an aesthetic blue tint, Planibel Easy Blue is particularly suited for conservatory and orangery roof applications as it filters light, reducing glare, bleaching UV rays and solar gain.

Both Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue can be specified as toughened safety glass and combined in double glazing units with other AGC products, such as low-emissivity coatings for thermal insulation (Planibel A and Planibel AS), as well as laminated glass for safety and security (Stratobel), and even laminated acoustic glass for enhanced sound reduction properties (Stratophone). Both options are durable and easy to process.

The new easy clean options are available on Planibel Clearlite and Planibel Dark Blue in 4mm and 6mm thickness, in both 2,250mm x 3,210mm and 2,550mm x 3,210mmm standard size and 6,000 x 3,210 mm jumbo size sheets. Their easy clean properties have been Independently tested to EN1096-5 and verified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Tho, Films IST.