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Having spent much of the last 12 months indoors due to the pandemic, the focus has fallen on home improvements. And with the Bank of England’s chief economist Andy Haldane estimating households are sitting on £150 billion of savings accrued since the pandemic, Jeremy Phillips, CDW Systems’ group chairman says that looks set to continue.

An increased demand for high-end products in the domestic market has seen premium quality aluminium entrance doors come to the fore.

To help installers tap into this market, we added Designer Doors to our range last year to help installers tap into this higher value market.

And we have seen their potential in the short time they have been on offer to customers.

Designer Doors combine the strength and style of aluminium with the versatile options for customisation offered by composite doors.

The doors have been tested to PAS 24:2016 Enhanced Security Performance (thanks in part to its impressive ten-point locking mechanism) and boasts three adjustable hinges that can withstand 80kg of pressure.

Available with fixed-side or head-light glazing combinations, the Designer Door range offers U-values as low as 0.9W/m2K (thanks to new thermal break technology), a fully insulated door panel, and triple glazed and laminated glass units.

With four different ranges on offer, there’s plenty to choose from. The Traditional range has been designed to recreate the traditional elegance of Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian entrance doors, while the Vintage range reflects the timeless elegance of 1920s and 1930s Art Deco doors.

The Modern range has been developed to suit new homes, offering a modern look for a striking design statement, while the Cottage range, which is inspired by the timeless elegance of traditional village cottages and country homes, perfectly suits the more classical house styles.

In addition, there is a wide range of different colours on offer. The Sensations and Cotswold colour options offer a unique textured finish, while the Creations range offers a vibrant palette of classic colours to inspire the perfect focus point for your home.

Designer Doors was the third product from Smart Systems that we introduced for customers last year, alongside flat roof lights and the Heritage range, and the investment has proved a shrewd move.

With a lifespan measured in decades and extremely low maintenance requirements, aluminium has now become the material of choice for homeowners when it comes to entrance doors as high-end products become more and more desirable.

And Designer Doors tick all the boxes: they’re stylish, highly secure and offer excellent thermal performance.

We have had a really strong start with them and it’s important that installers have them in their offering to take advantage and win new business.

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