Coating on demand

Coating on Demand is a new software service from AGC that allows architects and designers to create bespoke coated glass; it enables them to define both aesthetics and performance in real life conditions.

“When heading up large scale projects that may take years to materialise, specifiers must have as realistic a view as possible of the final result to ensure correct specification of building materials, and selecting the right type of glass is often one of the most difficult decisions,” AGC said in a release.

Powered by AGC’s virtual prototyping software, Coating on Demand is capable of delivering a true representation of coated glass in its surroundings and under various climate conditions, based on all the physical values of the glazing.

During a one-day session at AGC’s coated glass facility in Germany, users can choose a virtual building that most resembles their project and simulate the glazing on screen. They can then bring it to life by experimenting with colour, light transmission and reflection which can be viewed from every angle.

The criteria can be fine-tuned further according to environment and energy performances before their coated glass is validated on a sample, and they leave with the bespoke prototype they created.

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