Big glazing ambitions

There aren’t many glass companies in the UK that can process glass panels measuring 6m by 2.6m, which is the thought process that took PLG Glass’s managing director Graeme Hawes to the decision to purchase a Vertmax, Intermac’s vertical processing machining centre.

“The reasons to purchase the Vertmax are many and varied,” Graeme said, “but mainly it was to give us the capability to process oversize panels and open up new markets. Previously the largest glass we could process was 3.5m x 2m but we can now manage 6m x 2.6m and the Vertmax can cut, drill and polish all in one multi-processing centre.

“We previously had to sub-contract these panels, but the Vertmax now enables us to do everything in-house.

“We looked at various options, but had to go for a vertical machine to handle the glass size we required, and this machine provides maximum efficiency because we can machine notches, drill holes and polish edges in one single process, with amazing quality.

“An additional benefit is that our manual handling has decreased massively, which has obviously improved production and material efficiencies as well as health and safety for our operatives.”

PLG’s evaluation cycle started with a visit to Glasstec in Dusseldorf.

“We visited the Intermac stand, saw the machine in operation and thought it was a good piece of kit with great features,” Graeme said. “Intermac’s reputation for build quality and finishing quality, coupled with its standard five-year Total Care warranty and service package, gave us the peace of mind to make the investment.

“The sales process was very consultative, which we greatly appreciated, and the installation was excellent. In fact it was one of the best we’ve ever experienced. Once we marked out the floor, we had no involvement at all, everything just worked. Intermac’s installation engineers were fantastic.

“Our sales team are now actively engaged in winning business for over-sized panels and the Vertmax has given us the capability to win that business and give us total control of that process.”