A+ as standard

GJB Window Systems now offers A+ rated windows as standard, the company has announced.

The Eurocell fabricator has introduced a higher-specification, six-chambered extrusion, which allows GJB to exceed the A+10 rating that is needed to achieve the A+ standard. The new, slimmer profile not only delivers a more contemporary appearance, it allows for a larger sealed unit, which both combine to create a rating of A+13, the company said.

The upgrade is just one of many investments new owner Roy Frost has made since acquiring the business last year. In addition to renewing the leases on both of GJB’s factory units, the firm has extended its range to include the complete Residence Collection. The timber-alternative range is made available through GJB’s partnership with new sister company Listers Central.

“Our aim for GJB has been to take its successful formula in the south east and apply it to a national model, providing businesses across the country with a valuable trade partner,” Roy said. “To do this, we promised fresh ideas and lots of investment – and we’re not finished yet.

“Over the next couple of months, we will be introducing some exciting, new product lines to enhance the GJB range, which will open up new markets for customers across the UK and will allow them to provide an overall greater service compared to their competition.

“The formation of the GJB Holdings Group and the partnership with Listers provides GJB with the nationwide reach and the greater manufacturing and logistical capabilities to really help businesses across the UK grow. It’s an exciting time to partner with GJB.”