A vision of environmental sensitivity

OnLevel has invested in hybrid cars for the sales staff as part of its commitment to pursuing a vision of environmental sensitivity.

“It’s easy to say things and claim things,” MD Gary Dean said. “What’s important is to say what you believe in and then do what you say you believe in.”

OnLevel bought the new Kia Niro Hybrid cars and will invest in more Hybrid and EV solutions as the team grows.

“We look to reduce our environmental impact in all aspects of the business from the office and warehouse environments to the production methods and carbon footprint of our raw materials,” Gary said. “One key aspect of this is the localisation of production which means that over 85% of our purchase spend is within Europe and the UK.”

“We can’t reconcile shipping products half way around the world when high quality production with less damaging impact is on our doorstep. The quick buck is quick to earn but it’s cost has a long tale. If at OnLevel we don’t have a concern about the future then we lose the right for customers to be concerned about our success. Business can be fair and good for everyone and still grow, this is our fundamental view.”


Katie Shaw of OnLevel receives the keys to new Kia Niro Hybrid.