Reduce costs

Lohmann Technologies will be at FIT 2019 exhibiting a range of bonding and sealing tapes that reduce manufacturing costs for window and door makers, the company said.

As an example, the company states that instead of using steel bracing bars inside frames, their tape can be used for bonding and sealing the glass inside the extrusions. This delivers the required strength and structural integrity while reducing both the parts count and materials used. It also speeds up assembly time significantly.

In the case of PVCU windows, the use of Lohmann tapes also removes the need to use additional gasketing during the glass installation process, again reducing material costs, inventory and labour.

Lohmann’s Amanda Smith said: “More and more manufacturers using PVCU and aluminium are now moving away from applying the time consuming gasket, silicone and distance tape trio during assembly, and are switching instead to a clean single product which is easier to handle, gives much greater strength, looks better, weighs less and significantly reduces costs.”