Partnership agreement

Consumer protection organisation DGCOS and certification specialists Certass have agreed a partnership deal, which aims to benefit respective members as well as the rest of the industry.

Competent person scheme Certass recently launched the Certass Trade Association, offering business and technical support to its members while promising to act as a voice promoting progress within the industry.

DGCOS supports homeowners who use its members with a package of protection that includes a consumer advice line, insurance-backed guarantees, mediation and access to an independent ombudsman.

Jon Vanstone, chair of the Certass Trade Association said: “There’s a clear synergy between our organisation and DGCOS: both are focussed on promoting our industry and its professionalism to consumers, to the benefit of everyone.

“Certass leads the field in certification and installer support, while DGCOS leads the field on consumer advice and protection. By getting together and collaborating we can support and champion the installers that are out there every day offering great products and service to homeowners.”

Initially, the partnership will see the two organisations work together on promoting the industry’s professionalism, while supporting installers in a range of areas, including business, technical and consumer issues. There will also be cross-promotion of the schemes between the Certass Trade Association and DGCOS, with specific benefits available to members of both. For instance, Certass members will be able to use DGCOS to cover their mandatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR) requirement, while the joining fee for new Certass members will be covered under the agreement between the two organisations.

Tony Pickup, founder of DGCOS, said: “We’re known for our unrivalled consumer protection and support credentials, but an important part of what we do is promoting the quality and best practice of our members to consumers. I was delighted to see the launch of the Certass Trade Association, providing wide-ranging support to its members. It mirrors what we do but from a different angle, so the partnership between us makes sense – benefitting the industry as a whole by working and growing together.”