On the acquisition trail

Cornwall Group has said it is progressing three potential acquisitions, having started discussions in lockdown.

Mark Mitchell, chairman Cornwall Group, said it had received a number of approaches from owners looking to make disposals since March, of which three had now progressed to a “meaningful stage”.

“Cornwall Group remains an acquisitive company and it’s always been a part of our growth strategy,” Mark said.

“We’ve received a number of approaches from companies looking to explore opportunities for disposal and those discussions have moved to what I would describe as a meaningful stage, with three.

“There is still a long way to go. None of the three are fire sales, and whether any of them will come to anything I don’t know, but I believe we are seen as a business which can be approached and can be trusted if you are looking to release assets.”

Watch the interview here.

Cornwall Group (which includes Cornwall Glass Manufacturing, Cornwall Glass and Glazing, and Mackenzie Glass) has a track record of acquisitions.

“Our focus remains the south and the west of England and into south Wales,” Mark said. “I do believe we’re going to see more consolidation in the coming six to 12 months. This includes not only perhaps some smaller manufacturers but also national manufacturers who may be inclined to step back from some of their downstream activities.

“There may also be a thinning out of large IGU companies; those companies require a lot of work to feed them.

“We aren’t looking to become the biggest but we are confident and planning for growth and continuing investment for a long time to come.”