Leading the way on training

Aluk has unveiled a new programme of training courses at its training academy aimed at designers, fabricators and installers of its aluminium window, door and curtain walling systems.

This follows plans for a comprehensive apprenticeship programme that will get underway at its Chepstow HQ later this year.

There are more than 20 course options available, open to anyone using Aluk products, and all are free to attend.

Head of the academy, technical director Nick Cooper, said: “We’ve all acknowledged that the skills gap exists, and we think it’s up to the big players in the market to step up now and commit the investment required to help do something about that.

“Aluk has made it clear that we’re determined to promote best practice across the whole supply chain so, as well as training our own apprentices, we’re also making it as easy as we can for our customers to acquire the skills they need.”

The new schedule of academy courses covers all the practical and theoretical lessons Aluk’s customers need to be able to design, fabricate and install Aluk products to the highest standards.

Aluk has partnered with GQA in putting together the training, and 11 of the 21 courses are already GQA accredited, with the remainder expected to be accredited by the end of 2019.

The courses include refreshments and lunch so customers just need to turn up on the day with their relevant PPE in order to get started.

Visit www.alukacademy.co.uk to see the dates and times of all the courses for the year ahead and book direct. Aluk fabricators have the option to book training courses on behalf of their installers, or those installers can book direct if they prefer.