Installers hungry for leads

Leads 2 Trade has reported that one its customers, a ‘large, regional installer’, has recently seen £188,118 worth of business from an outlay of £16,329 on leads in June alone, giving them a cost of sale of 9% and a 70%+ pitch rate.

Leads 2 trade supplies the installer with its premium leads.

Andy Royle, Leads 2 Trade’s MD, said: “Appetite for leads and appointments has definitely returned from the window and door sector as installers are finding it much tougher out there, and with the low cost per sale and higher conversion rates our double-qualified leads offer, our clients can fill that shortfall of business.”

Installers joining Leads 2 Trade’s member network can also take advantage of the company’s premium, booked appointment leads. Delivered to just one other company, so the installer has more chance of winning the work, members only pay for the lead if they sit and pitch it, meaning there is zero risk involved too.

“Our positive conversion stats and guaranteed appointments are translating into more installers looking to join our member network,” added Andy. “We have had a strong first half of the year and it has been similar to pre-covid levels, with installers really seeing the benefit of our leads and service.”

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