Four Seasons in one day

Joining in the celebrazione, Eurocell made the mozzarella of National Pizza Day recently by treating its trade customers to a (meat) feast and laying on the Italian classic at its 170 branches nationwide.

In the main, the branches fed customers arriving at its trade counters, although some pushed out the gondola by delivering pizzas to sites placing orders worth over £200.

Gary Driscoll, Eurocell northern divisional director and one of the drivers of the event, said: “It was a slice, fungi thing to do – not least that we recognise all our tradespeople are busy, and don’t always get the chance to eat on the go.

“Feeding them up with pizzas at the counters or on site was just a small way of saying grazie for all their loyal custom. It was a Diavolo of a job to organise, yet feedback is that they Etna the lot, and we can’t a-Pollo-gise enough to anyone who missed out.”