Demonstrating updates and new features

Orgadata, creators of the number one LogiKal aluminium processing software, were at BAU recently to demonstrate the newest features and updates of the system.

The team from Business Micros Aluminium, Orgadata’s UK partners, joined them in Germany to demonstrate the new features to UK visitors and preview innovations which they themselves will be launching at FIT.

Managing director Dean Hodges said: “Orgadata were showing version 11 of LogiKal which we’ll be releasing in the UK later this year. The feedback was really positive, particularly on clever new features such as a hardware wizard which improves the interface and overall user experience, and faster processing of reports.

“Probably the most interesting thing for UK visitors was the new Infoserver module which we’re planning to feature on our stand at the FIT Show. This is a factory process control (FPC) option which we think adds a very significant new dimension to LogiKal and gives customers a solution they’ve been asking us for.

“We’re very excited about the launch and, judging by the response from customers who saw a preview at BAU, it will be very popular.”

At BAU, Business Micros Aluminium also met up with some of its key systems company partners to discuss plans for products which may reach the UK soon.  

“BAU is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the market and see what is coming along next,” Dean said. “For us, it was the perfect warm up to FIT and a great chance to see partners, suppliers and customers all in one place.”

Business Micros will be at FIT where, as well as demonstrating all that is new in LogiKal, it will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the business.