Coordinated stock management

Distinction Doors is running at 99.4% stock availability for 2019, according to a recent review.

David Hoyland, Distinction’s operations manager, said: “Our approach is simple: be consistent and deliver quality, and we’ve achieved this outcome by administering a thorough ordering, inventory and dispatch regime.

“We currently carry £9 million worth of stock across doors, glass products and consumables held in approximately 50,000ft2. One of our warehouses is solely dedicated to products, while the other also houses machinery and operations. Effective orchestration and management of incoming stock and outgoing deliveries is of key importance; everything must be well coordinated to allow for ease of access and to prevent shortages.”

Delays can cause irreparable damage to reputations both locally, and down the chain, as well as a reduction in margins when projects run over due to insufficient product availability, the company said.

“Over the years, we have fostered precious relationships with our suppliers, all of whom understand the coordinated approach it takes to remain reputable,”co-manager Andy Copeland said. “No one wants to bear the brunt of additional costs that could have been avoided by effective communication and timely ordering. Shortages can and do occur throughout the industry. Holding tens of thousands of units per product type in situ as we do, avoids us falling subject to these errors.”