Appetite for industry insight

Ultraframe has hosted a training event at Colchester United Football Club for more than 50 customers.

The company’s Clitheroe-based training school has educated thousands of fabricators and installers over the years, but recognises that a two-day trip ‘up north’ is not always viable for southern-based customers.

Ultraframe said the courses are a two-way exchange, with the company keen to work as one team and gather information about the challenges faced by its customers in the field.

Jane Blanchard, Ultraframe area sales manager for the south east, has been the driving force behind the recent courses.

“My personal view is that we should all put aside time for training,” she said. “There is a large requirement for industry insight, not just product training, and it’s important to ensure that our customers are well equipped. On the flip side of this, we can also learn a huge amount from our customers about the issues they face out in the market on a day-to-day basis, and we can only do this by working like this, in close partnership.

“The Ultraframe product offering is expanding and being enhanced all the time and so requires a high level of knowledge and skill to fully maximise the opportunities. How can a business plan to grow if their staff do not fully understand the products? If they lack confidence they either won’t sell or will struggle to be successful which is bad news for everyone.

“Ideally, we would all like customers to visit our fantastic facility in Clitheroe but in practice customers in my area would have to take two days out of their business and costs incurred can be off-putting. So, we decided to bring the training to them.”

Each of the events to date has been over-subscribed, showing the value placed on the training by Ultraframe customers. Lasting a maximum of three hours, to ensure minimum disruption to the working day of attendees, the format is very hands on, with Ultraframe’s training manager Phil Wharf inviting attendees to get involved and see the products up close.