Aluminium recycling programme

Element Materials Technology has launched a recycling programme for aluminium door and window test samples at its Wednesbury laboratory.

Element’s partnership with a specialist metal recycling provider in the West Midlands is the first of its kind within the company and ensures that all samples clients do not wish to collect after testing will be recycled within two weeks.

The initiative came as Element saw an increase in samples made with aluminium parts, and it aimed to align with the company’s objectives to conduct its activities in an environmentally sustainable way.

Rob Veitch from Element said: “As a global company, we understand the effect our collective actions can have on the environment and we are working to crucial sustainability objectives.

“This recycling initiative is a positive step within our industry to reduce the impact we have on the environment. We believe we are one of, if not the first test house in the country to offer this type of recycling scheme and we hope that customers will support these actions and implement their own sustainable changes where they can.”