Aluminium confidence

CAB chief executive Justin Ratcliffe considers the latest CAB State of Market Survey in the run up to the FIT Show and highlights three reasons to visit the CAB Pavilion and CAB Lounge in Hall 20.

The very latest Q1, 2019 CAB State of Market Survey showed continued rises in expected sales volumes and a very positive view of capital investment over the next 12 months.

In the next quarter 79% net balance of members forecasted growth (68% in Q4, 2018) while 63% net balance of members forecasted growth in the year ahead (73% in Q4, 2018). While the quarterly forecast is highly encouraging, there is again a concern that this might represent some element of short-term stockpiling. The wider construction sector showed a small contraction in activity in March 2019 and a levelling off in housing starts.

Once again, members were as positive or more positive across all the investment metrics for the year ahead compared to the previous 12 months. Looking at the sales compared to a year ago, 37% of members reported a rise above 5%, and 26%, a rise of up to 5%. Only 5% of members reported any reduction (up to 5% or more than 5%).

We are delighted to be once again hosting the CAB Pavilion in Hall 20. Eleven exhibiting CAB members are listed below, but there are over 30 CAB members in total exhibiting at the Show in 2019.

CAB supports the interests of the aluminium in building supply chain by encouraging the increasing use of aluminium in both commercial and residential applications.

Almost 30 members of CAB’s aluminium in building supply chain will be exhibiting at the Show, with 11 of them on the pavilion in the very centre of Hall 20. Creating an ‘Aluminium Hall’ adds value and saves precious time for the visitor.

Within the Pavilion is the 84m2 CAB Lounge Area (E15) which will once again be set out for networking for members and their guests but also promote all the association’s existing supply chain membership across 14 sectors.

Three reasons to visit CAB Lounge: sign up for the CAB closed loop recycling scheme (#CAB_RecyclingScheme); find out how CAB’s three key training programmes could support your fabrication/installation teams – CAB Aluminium Curtain Walling Installers CSCS Card, CAB Skills Card Training Days for Aluminium Fabricators and Installers, A Curtain Walling Installer Trailblazer Apprenticeship (21 months); and learn how CAB membership can help support and grow your business through strong technical advice/guidance and a free technical helpline, networking opportunities via leading industry events programmes, CAB’s extensive member marketing programme, marketing trends and intelligence reports, and training seminars on topics including contractual awareness.

We welcome the following members who are exhibiting on the CAB Pavilion:

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings (F24)

Aluminium Bending Specialists (E18)

Alutrade (F22)

Council for Aluminium in Building (E15)

Geze UK (E28)

Granada Secondary Glazing (F28)

Sapphire Louvres (F20)

Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands (E21)

Sobinco (F21)

Soft Tech (England) (F23)

Vertik-Al (F27)