The importance of feedback

Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt discusses a recent survey that aimed to discover why installers choose the Ultraroof solid roof system.

There’s nothing better than getting direct feedback from customers to help shape the future direction of product development and marketing strategy. Therefore, we recently carried out a survey with users of our Ultraroof system to find out the reasons why they choose this over its competitors.

Like all Ultraframe systems, Ultraroof was designed with the fitter in mind. For us, a successful roof is one that is fast, simple, and safe to install, and so it was interesting to carry out this research and find out which of Ultraroof’s many fitter-friendly features make the most difference to them.

The top five reasons why our installers choose Ultraroof came out as:

Ultraroof is lightweight and easy to handle.

Ultraroof is fast to fit.

With Ultraroof I don’t need costly and problematic goalposts on large openings.

Homeowners prefer the overall look of the Ultraroof slate tiles and aluminium top-caps.

Ultraroof never needs a tie bar.

It’s no surprise that the lightweight nature is what makes Ultraroof really stand out to installers. In fact, Ultraroof is 40% lighter than some competitor roofs on the market.

From an installer’s point of view, this makes their life on site so much easier in terms of carrying, lifting and building the roof. We also guessed that Ultraroof’s speed would be up there in the top five. It’s the fastest solid roof to fit on the market, allowing customers to finish the job quicker.

Cost savings are also a huge benefit for any business, and with Ultraroof not requiring steel goalposts for openings up to 4m, it can save around £3K on an installation. The fourth reason on the list – Ultraroof’s good looks – was also not a surprise, as this backs up the results of consumer research carried out in 2019 which saw Ultraroof declared the best-looking solid roof on the market.

Finally, never needing a tie bar is a huge selling point compared to other systems, meaning that every Ultraroof can benefit from a beautiful, uninterrupted vaulted ceiling.

Aside from giving us the top five reasons why our installers love Ultraroof, it was also great to read some of the other responses about why they choose it again and again. Here, at Ultraframe, things are fast paced and busy, but everything we do is with our customers in mind, so to hear these comments was a great boost for the whole team. Here are a few of them:

“Technical support and products second to none.”

“A well-proven roof, not complicated, and trusted.”

“Nice easy system to use, and the technical support offered is superior to any other used before.”

“No other roof like it.”

“The overall appearance – looks quality and is quality, and can be installed with confidence that we get no come backs or problems.”

“Great looking product.”

“I choose Ultraroof for its adaptability and build quality.”

As you can see, the responses covered everything from our technical support to the overall quality of the system, to the aesthetics. It’s really been fantastic to hear first-hand from our installers the reasons why they choose Ultraroof, and to hear that all our hard work in developing the system and its support is much appreciated.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that took part – it really has been invaluable feedback for us.