Taking flight

Indeglas has completed a £1.04 million contract for Do & Co, a global gourmet entertainment and airline catering company based at Heathrow’s Segro Park.

Indeglas designed, supplied, and installed specialist glass screens to meet the demands of hot kitchens, food prep, packaging, cold storage and menu demonstration areas.

Jeanette MacIntyre, managing director of Indeglas, said: “Before Covid 19 struck, Indeglas had invested in training and equipment to facilitate robotic glass lifting processes for this project due to the scale of the operation and the weight of individual glass panes.

“The investment paid off, driving efficiency and ensuring safety while enabling a speedy return from lockdown with one person/one robot squads operating effectively without the need for social distancing.

“The scale of the building also assisted various trades to keep significant distance from each other. The main contractor McLaughlin and Harvey was proactive and well-organised in implementing Covid 19 safety measures throughout.

“Although the project was completely closed down for a number of weeks, and we were forced to work remotely without accessing our own office and storage facility, the entire management team worked tirelessly to interpret the new, emerging safety procedures required and partnered with the main contractor to ensure a safe, effective and economically viable return to work.”