Holding a mirror to the environment

Saint-Gobain Glass has launched Miralite Pure, a lead and solvent-free mirror, which is aimed at eco-conscious customers.

Saint-Gobain removed lead from its mirrors more than 10 years ago. The next step has been to remove the solvent used in the silver protection paint. This has now been achieved with Miralite Pure and the solvent has been replaced by a water-based paint, which is a real technical achievement due to the complexity of the process involved, the company said.

Market manager Jenni Young said: “Miralite Pure is another example of Saint-Gobain going above and beyond the minimum requirements of legislation and industry standards and putting the health of consumers and environmental protection first. This philosophy results in next-generation products that are future-proofed and anticipate the needs of health and environmentally aware consumers and building owners.”

The way in which Miralite Pure is created is healthier and more environmentally friendly than traditional mirrors. This helps to improve indoor air quality when in its end application, as it avoids the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehydes into the atmosphere, which can cause eye irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

Made with Planiclear glass, Miralite Pure provides a high level of light and creates a neutral reflection. It is more opaque than standard mirrors but is just as durable. It complements Saint-Gobain Glass’s existing range of Miralite Antique mirrors, which are decorative and vintage in design.

Miralite Pure is more modern in design and ideal for use in the home such as bathrooms and hallways, as well as in commercial premises including hotels, restaurants, offices, retail and sports facilities.

It can be framed or unframed, or used as a decorative feature to line a wall or add to furniture such as tabletops, doors and other surfaces. Its black coated backing also means it is perfect for creating backlighting effects such as use with LED lights.

It is easy to process, drill and can be easily cut to many different shapes and does not flake or chip during processing. It also fits all types of cutting and edge working operations.

“The result of ongoing investment in innovation, Miralite Pure combines superior quality with responsible environmental practices, typical of Saint-Gobain Glass,” Jenni said.

“It is made from 30% recycled glass and 20% less paint is used in its manufacture. The paint that is used is water-based which limits odours and potential exposure to harmful substances which improves wellbeing and air quality. It is also 100% recyclable.”

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