Sustainability built in

From a bird’s eye view, one of Scandinavia’s most ambitious, spectacular and sustainable buildings looks like a meandering path through a leafy city park.

BaseCamp Lyngby is a 415,000ft2 student accommodation block in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a winding, undulating structure with an 800m running and walking track, grass, plants and trees covering the entirety of its roof.

Made of glass and facades in three different shades of oak, the building contains 786 apartments, 639 of them for students and 48 for retired residents. Completed to serve Copenhagen’s Lyngby University of Technology, the project took two and a half years.

The structure is made out of trapezoidal modules stacked to different heights, allowing for the sloping walkway on its roof, and it has been designed to put cost-effectiveness and sustainability at the forefront.

The building’s ventilated curtain wall was insulated with rock wool and clad with slabs made of pressed volcanic basalt rock from Rockpanel, while its green roof is covered in solar panels to generate electricity. Any rain that falls on the structure is disposed of via evaporation, reducing the ambient temperature and strain on the sewer system.

It required more than 4,000 IGUs, which had to conform to the irregular shape of the building. Combined with the need for outstanding thermal performance Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium Plus from Edgetech was specified.

Danish IGU manufacturer Glaseksperten, contracted to work on the project, operates a fully automated, state-of-the-art Super Spacer line.

“Super Spacer is of key importance to Glaseksperten in supplying quality products which also ensure we are a leading company in economical and ecological terms,” sales manager Jesper Hønning said. “The fully automated continuous application of spacer from the reel saves time and money, while guaranteeing top-class product quality.”

Chris Alderson, Edgetech’s managing director, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to see Edgetech products used in such a stunning building.

“Scandinavia is a global pioneer in sustainable construction, and a major growth market for warm-edge technology.

“We’re confident that Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium Plus will offer the building’s residents outstanding performance for many decades to come.”