New spacer bars

Edgetech has released the latest in a series of spacer bars.

Super Spacer TriSeal SG brings the strength of the firm’s recently launched T-Spacer SG to a product designed for manual application.

SG stands for structural glazing and, like T-Spacer SG, TriSeal SG has been developed for use on demanding architectural projects.

TriSeal SG incorporates a larger area for PIB application than average spacers, allowing for a much stronger seal.

“Whether the project at hand calls for manual or automated application, IGU manufacturers now have an excellent option when making extra-large and curved or shaped glazing for complex and ambitious buildings,” Edgetech’s managing director Chris Alderson said.

“All around the world, there are iconic buildings that have only been made possible by Edgetech’s innovative products.

“We’re extremely proud of that fact, and we’re always at work on new products that will give architects even more freedom and choice.

“We’re eager to see what they can achieve with Super Spacer TriSeal SG.”