Safe and stylish

A balustrade using glass from TuffX was recently installed on a large split-level terrace on a property in Leeds.

The detached property was finished in light rendering with contrasting dark window frames, including expansive glass sliding doors across the rear which open onto a split-level terrace dropping away to the grounds beyond.

A solution was needed to make sure the occupants could enjoy the terrace safely, without compromising on the stunning views enjoyed from both inside and outside the property.

Glass was the obvious answer, and TuffX was chosen to supply 20m2 of 10mm toughened safety glass with dubbed corners. TuffX, which had worked with the installer previously, was chosen for its track record for producing quality glass and for its reliable delivery service.

Once in place, the glass panels were topped off with a stainless steel handrail at the perfect height to rest on while gazing over the open ground beyond. In addition to being safe and unimposing, the finished balustrade helps protects occupants from the elements. And being low maintenance means the homeowners will be able to enjoy maximum benefits from their terrace with minimal upkeep, year after year.