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When The Window Company (Contracts) supplied and installed 50 windows in the new Hyundai offices at Tilbury Docks for JW Steele & Sons recently, it marked the 20th anniversary of the partnership between the two businesses.

The Window Company (Contracts) supplied 50 windows in the Rehau system, that were all coated to mid-grey RAL7012 on the outside to match the exterior cladding.

This was in stark contrast to the very first job they carried out for JW Steele in 1997 which that to fix a broken window handle in a house owned by a friend of the then managing director Harold Steele. Harold was so impressed with the fact that The Window Company (Contracts) fixed the handle for free, that he asked them to fit a window in his own house.

David Geer, the current managing director, said: “The Window Company (Contracts) have never let us down in the past two decades. We trust them implicitly – whether that means sticking to their quote or giving us the best advice on how to meet a window and door specification from a client. We also trust their fitters to be polite and courteous on site and to work around staff, residents or service users on our projects in the healthcare, education and policing sector.”

David Thornton, chairman of The Window Company (Contracts), said that both businesses share the same values as proud family businesses and have the same exacting standards when it comes to attention to detail and responsiveness.

“We are never complacent about our relationship with JW Steele. It matters just as much to us now as a £5 million turnover business as it did in 1997 as a £100,000 business. That means even now we’ll respond just as quickly to a request from them to fix a broken handle as we do to an opportunity to quote on a £50,000 job.”

The Window Company has also completed recent window and door installations for JW Steele at Canvey Island Health Centre, and at Ingrave Johnstone School in Brentwood.

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