Bending investment

Quickslide has invested 60,000 euros in a new in-house bending facility.

The fabricators said the TIM-ING bending centre means the action is not only faster (as little as ten minutes per curve) but also a cooler working temperature makes it far more energy efficient, and its sophisticated automation and use of multiple 3D cameras gives near perfect, consistent results with practically zero waste.

Operations director Ben Weber said the move is in keeping with Quickslide’s philosophy to take complete control of as many manufacturing processes as possible.

“We already have our own in-house foiling and painting facilities as well as PVCU and aluminium fabrication,” he said. “This is a big step forward for us as VSs are notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to bending profiles, so now to be able to offer consistent and reliable quality in a fraction of the manufacture time gives us another USP within our market place.

“As well as a single point of answerability for quality control and no buying-in costs, the TIM-ING is also a highly advanced system, using much less heat on the profile, so there is no surface damage to colours or woodgrains and an all-round better and more consistent product quality.”

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