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Fabricators and installers can now buy a huge selection of specialist fenestration tools direct from Mila, after the hardware specialist added the popular Xpert Tools range to its product line up.

The Xpert Tools range includes everything from air tools to glass lifters, with lots of products developed specifically for the needs of the window trade sector.

For the workbench, there are several air drills now available from Mila including a compact 2000rpm Dentist Drill or ‘3mm die grinder’, and a low noise, 3/8 keyless air drill with touch sensitive trigger ideal for prepping holes when fitting hardware.

Specifically for fabricators, the range includes things like the Xpert SIP air blow gun with a long, angled nozzle for blowing swarf and dust away from the application and workbench and the Xpert Moon knife for trimming welded joints and gaskets. And, for installers, there is the Xpert glazing shovel for perfect toeing and heeling, and the Xpert glass thickness gauge complete with protective carrycase.

The entire range also covers air screwdrivers, routers and sanders, applicator guns, cutting tools, and digital angle finders, as well as four different performance grades of Teflon sheet. PVCU fabricators using Teflon as a release barrier during welding can now order the sheet by the square metre from Mila in grades from standard to best.

Mila says that it is responding to demand from customers who like the fact that they can buy the range from an experienced sales team, fully trained to give ‘expert’ advice in person and on the phone, and who know that, if they order by 5pm, they are guaranteed next day delivery.


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