Workload efficiency

Barcode scanning is now in place from sales through to delivery at Quickslide.

Designed to increase the level and accuracy of information between the fabricator and its trade partners at every stage of the order process, it follows a series of earlier investments designed to enhance the customer experience.

The £2 million programme of growth includes a new dispatch centre, completed on time last year, despite the challenges of lockdown.

The introduction of a dedicated facility for all finished goods means handling is minimised and delivery vehicles can be loaded faster, ultimately enabling Quickslide to service its customers more efficiently, the company said.

Other investments include the installation of a Schirmer CNC machine, two corner cleaners and two quad welders, plus four new delivery vehicles linked to Quickslide’s EvoNET business management system.

Communicating directly with each vehicle’s TomTom satellite navigation, EvoNET devises the most efficient delivery route for the day and keeps customers informed of their order’s progress via text and email alerts, allowing them to manage their daily workloads more effectively.

Ben Weber, Quickslide’s managing director, said: “Barcode scanning enables us to keep track of orders, reduces paperwork and streamlines efficiency. But just as importantly, it helps our trade partners manage their workload more effectively. This helps them deliver what was promised to their homeowner customers, ensuring that a better service is achieved right throughout the supply chain.”

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